Hello. My name is Rithi.

I have forever been engrossed in the fantastic world of fashion, complete with a inspiring array of patterns, textures, and styles. This blog will be showcasing the collections that I have created. I use the Polyvore program, so most sets that you see will be posted from that profile. I named this blog, “Being Untitled”, because I have no set style. I jump from grunge to vintage to boho to prep in a week’s time. I love playing with different styles, and am constantly experimenting. I will hopefully be posting on a daily basis, but I suppose that depends on how much you readers keep me busy.

… Take that as a challenge, if you will.

I will also be posting playlists and musical choices I prefer through my life. I often connect music with style, and you may notice that the titles of my sets are lyrics of songs I am listening to. I adore any kind of music that branches off of the indie rock genre.

I hope to grow close to you readers, and look forward to the adventures we embark on.




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