A Change of Plans.

Thanks to the lovely Jeni Johnson, I’ve decided to begin to incorperate a bit more than just fashion and beauty into this blog.

Time to bring in my opinions and thoughts to Being Untitled!

Keep checking in, for new aspects to this blog will soon arise.

Let me know what you think.





Filed under A Peculiar Plethora.

3 responses to “A Change of Plans.

  1. Jeni Johnson

    I’m an avid follower of yours and I’m glad you are diversifying your blog contents! Mixing things up are fun and keep most people interested. Well, speaking from personal experience. You’ve seen my Blog, I’m all over the place!

  2. Jeni Johnson

    BTW. – your blog name is fabulous because it signifies being universal because your so right! Being untitled!!! Unlabeled! I wish I had your witty Blog title! Can I steal it? Hahaha.

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